Employment Status

Workers and employees

Most people working for someone else will be able to be helped by this site as it is aimed at both employees and people who are classed as workers. 

If you work for an individual, company or other employer such as a partnership under a contract of employment (this does not need to be a written down) or, you work under any another contract which requires you to undertake work personally for another party you will be classified as either an employee or worker and so have rights to pay. 

If you are truly self employed (i.e. running your own business) you will have legal rights, but they are beyond the scope of this site (and outside the employment tribunal's jurisdiction).

But, it is important to be aware that some employers wrongly claim that their workers are self-employed, in order to avoid their legal obligations.

There are also some grey areas, where it is genuinely unclear whether someone is a worker, an employee or self-employed. 

If you doubt that you meet the definition of an employee or worker these are a couple of websites which can help you decide if you do-